Being a busy bee

Image of sterling silver bee earrings with lemon jade gemstone dangles

Maybe I’m channelling the bees too much?

Having cleared my diary this summer to tackle a health problem, now that the little op I’m due has been postponed, I could have a really good rest.  But you know me, right?  Somehow I’ve found myself sucked into getting a proper online shop set up, so although I’m definitely taking it easy, I’m still being a bit of a busy bee, much to Mr W’s chagrin.

I do know it’s important (for me more than most) to take proper rest, and I have spent a lot of this week snoozing in the garden, with the buzzing of the honeybees (in daytime) and the bumblebees (during early evenings) that love the lavender we grow, honest.

It does take me ages to unwind and settle into R&R mode, though I think I’m getting there now.  In fact, why am I indoors writing this when I could be on that sun lounger?


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