Non, je ne regrette rien

Sparked off by a weird dream the other night about a long-unthought-of ex (hello Richard), I’ve been musing today about my life path.  Pretty heavy for a Tuesday, no?

It’s always fun to see what those we’ve lost touch with are up to (this is my justification for a leetle trip down memory lane):  I was amazed to see several of the people I worked with over 20 years ago at Mishcon de Reya solicitors are still at the firm – and doing brilliantly well for themselves (hello James – and before I get my butt sued, may I make absolutely clear that James and I were just colleagues at MdR – we were in the same intake of trainee solicitors, and both stayed on after our articles ended.  Him rather longer than me, as it turns out.)  I remember James on our first day, fresh out of college, so it’s great to see how well he’s doing (4 years as head of litigation at MdR, and now executive partner… impressive).

The firm (and especially my charming and erudite boss, Anthony) gave me a terrific training, but I couldn’t toe the line obediently enough to be happy longterm at MdR.  After a contretemps with a partner who (in my recollection) was pissed off at me daring to leave work at 10pm on my birthday (these were the go-getting 1990s, remember), I quit in a huff – somewhat unwisely, given I’d just got a mortgage.  Thankfully Anthony offered to let me stay on a few weeks until my new job at BPP law school started.

Within two years, I was head of litigation at BPP, but serious health issues cut my law lecturing career short.  It’s easy to think “what if?” – what if I had stayed at MdR, what if I hadn’t got ill?  Would I still be a lawyer, with jewellery-making as a hobby?  I’d certainly be a lot wealthier in money terms, but would I be happier?  Somehow, I doubt it.

Since then, I’ve been leading a wonderful but rather split career, as a jewellery designer-maker and jewellery school tutor, and as a homeopath, always keeping the two lives completely separate, but I reckon it’s time to come clean about the fact that I enjoy helping people with their health and happiness issues, as well as doing the jewellery stuff, so in the interests of integration, here’s my new FlavorsMe page.

It’s not been the most usual – or direct – career path, but I’m happy to say that it is, indeed, as the lady sang.  At least today.  I may say differently next time the washing machine breaks down and there’s no cash to fix it.


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