Why is so much that’s good for us heinously awful?

Why is so much that's good for us heinously awful?

Finally, after record procrastination could not be prolonged (there are only so many to-do lists that can be re-written), it was tax paperwork day today.

Tasks I put off tend to hang around, stinking like an old kipper the longer I leave them, but I’ve noticed that they often don’t, in the end, take much time or effort to complete.

And the payoff is that the space in my head that was being occupied by ever-so-slight and almost-subconscious fretting about the admin task is now free. At least until next year.

To illustrate the point that not everything that’s good for us is heinously awful, here are the banana, date and apricot cinnamon muffins that I managed to bake (probably as a result of freeing effect of ticking something off my list).

They’re no-wheat, no-dairy and no-sugar. Rather rudely, Mr W calls them my “no-fun muffins”. So that’s more for me, then.


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